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On this page you’ll get a formal synopsis of me – educational history, transcripts, and so forth. But for a lot more detailed & rich information, check out the tabs above. I think you’ll like what you see!

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY (a work always in progress)

Enthusiasm about math is infectious. Students learn from both discovery and direct learning. I try to constantly show my students that I care about their learning. I always try to teach to just a little higher level than my students think they can accomplish, but give them the tools and infinite encouragement to reach that level. I know, not just believe, that having clear and consistent expectations for students works.


MIT (undergrad) Transcript [PDF]
UCLA (grad) Transcript [PDF]
Massachusetts Teaching Certification [forthcoming]
Letters of Recommendation to get my job at Packer: D. Kaiser [PDF], N. Wise [PDF], S. Traweek [PDF]
Recommendation from former Packer department head and CSTI mentor: A. Williams [PDF]


I want to respect the privacy of my students, so I don’t feel comfortable scanning in documents, but here are some projects they have done/worked on.

1. My Multivariable Calculus class does a project in the 4th quarter — on a topic of their choice. In 2009, one of my students worked on creating a harmonograph which draws damped Lissajous Curves. He then explained the theory behind the harmonograph, and wy the parametric equations being drawn took the form that they did. A video of the Harmonograph is below.

2. For our Algebra II classes in 2007/8, the other Algebra II teacher and I created a “video project” which was used to promote student communication in mathematics. Each student signed up for a topic and created a video “teaching” the topic (with an example) to the rest of the students in Algebra II. They were put up on a blog called Logarithms, Rational Functions, and Trigonometry! Oh My! Feel free to click on the name to visit it, or to visit the post mortem (analysis) on my blog here.


I teach most of my classes using SmartBoard, sometimes alongside worksheets I create.

1.You can read my paean to Smartboard here. But you probably just want to see samples.

2. In 2008/9, when studying quadratic regressions, my Algebra II class collected some data from pendulums of various lengths and analyzed them. The original idea for the “lab” is here, and a blow-by-blow for the lab, our thought processes, and our conclusion, is here.

3. In 2008/9, in Algebra II, I made a series of packets to teach linear and quadratic inequalities. The topic list is here. The packets are:

Packet I: Linear and Quadratic Inequalities on the Number Line (PDF)
……….Additional Homework on Quadratic Inequalities (PDF)
Packet II: Linear and Quadratic Inequalities on the Coordinate Plane (PDF)
Packet III: Systems of Inequalities (Linear and Linear-Quadratic) (PDF)
……….Additional Homework on Systems of Inequalities (PDF)
……….Pop Quiz on Inequalities and Quadratics (PDF)

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